Replica Watches TAG Heuer to reintroduce the Autavia in 2017

A brand that is about to reissue one of its iconic models isn’t a novelty. Vintage is one of the main inspirations of watchmaking since a decade or so. What isn’t really surprising is that cheap replica TAG Heuer watches online will reintroduce the Autavia in 2017. What is really new and unique is that you’ll be able to vote to know which Autavia TAG Heuer will make a comeback in 2017. This idea is called the Autavia Cup and it simply rocks.

“This is an original project, a community initiative, a spontaneous consultative approach with customers, collectors, enthusiasts, boutique clients, etc. A first among watchmaking brands in terms of preserving and showcasing their heritage” says TAG Heuer. And clearly, we can’t deny our enthusiasm here, as for the first time, a brand directly ask its fans and clients what should one of their coming watches looks like. As a reminder, the Autavia (a contraction of “automobile” and “aviation”) is one of the most famous watches created by Heuer back in the 1960s. It was a pilot intended chronograph (both for jet pilots and racing car pilots). As many of the iconic models of the brand, sale fake TAG Heuer watches decided to reintroduce this watch (and they already did with the second edition of the Autavia, with 1970s pilot case). However, for the coming model, it will be totally different.


On Thursday 17th March 2016, the first day of the Baselworld international trade fair, TAG Heuer will launch a major online operation, “THE AUTAVIA CUP”, the aim of which is to choose the historic Autavia model to be reissued in 2017. Fake TAG Heuer watches online will be asking all fans of the brand to choose their own favorite historic Autavia model from a selection of 16 watches that represent the first generation of Autavias produced by the company in the 1960s.


The principle is simple: the first round takes place on the dedicated website, have a look at the side-by-side pairs of photos showing the 16 watches and vote online before 31st March 2016 for your favourite in each pair. The second online round will follow, to determine the 4 finalists before 14th April, the operation deadline. On Monday 18th April 2016, luxury fake TAG Heuer and Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of TAG Heuer, will reveal online the watch chosen from among the 4 finalists as the one to be reissued and presented at Baselworld in 2017. Stay Tune, we’ll report to you the winner, and as a rare opportunity, we highly encourage you to participate.



Replica Luxury TAG Heuer Becomes Official Timekeeper for China’s Mars Exploration Program

China’s bid to send a rover to the Red Planet in 2020 will rely on best replica watches TAG Heuer instruments.


Announced just earlier this year, the Mars Exploration Program is the most recently announced leg of space programme led by the China National Space Administration (CNSA), the country’s space agency. The press conference for the unveiling of the Mars rover in Beijing on August 23 was also the occasion to reveal replica TAG Heuer watches for sale as the official timekeeper for the Mars programme.

TAG Heuer chief executive Jean-Claude Biver, who manages to be everywhere all the time, stood alongside Liu Jizhong, Director of the lunar exploration program and space engineering center under the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, in the watchmaker’s latest bid to build a long term presence in China. Though there’s no word yet on what exactly being the project’s timekeeper entails, luxury fake TAG Heuer watches will surely aim to put one of its timepieces on the surface of Mars.

Liu Jizhong with Jean-Claude Biver, who’s sporting a replica of John Glenn’s Project Mercury stopwatch

The sports watchmaker is styling this appointment as a return to form, given that it was the first watchmaker in space with an American astronaut, though it wasn’t a watch that up. John Glenn wore a Heuer stopwatch converted into a wristwatch with an elastic strap when he became the first American to orbit Earth in 1962 on Mercury-Atlas 6.

John Glenn in February 1962, with the stopwatch visible on his right wrist
Glenn’s stopwatch, now in the Smithsonian

A TAG Heuer wristwatch arriving on Mars is still some way off, with the Chinese rover expected to land on the Red Planet – which would require a journey of several months – in 2020.

Replica Luxury TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 45mm Black Ceramic, it’s got your black

We all knew it at the time, but it has taken 12 months to play out in terms of product; the Carrera Heuer-01, launched last year was never going to be a one-off model. It was always intended to be the flag-bearer for the next generation of the replica TAG Heuer Carrera watches. And now, 12 months ofter its initial launch it has come to fruition. The modular, modern and technical Carrera Heuer-01 is now a full-fledged range, with titanium, steel and rose gold models. But it’s the Black Ceramic Phantom model, Reference CAR2A90 that has caught our eye today.


That might be because this is the first time ever that TAG Heuer has offered a fully ceramic case for a watch in their men’s range (they’ve offered a women’s Formula 1 model in ceramic for the last few years), but mostly it’s because this new, blacked-out, phantom Carrera looks awesomely mean. And not only does the glossy black case look great, it also offers real advantages over the more traditional fake TAG Heuer watches steel or titanium. It is lighter than both, yet also harder. And this hardness has real world advantages, because it makes the case far more scratch resistant.


The downside of ceramics? Well, they can shatter, or crack if dropped from a height or if the case is hit very hard, but this would require a significant amount of force. We’ll assume you know that sort of treatment of your sparkly new watch is not going to end well, irrespective of what materials it’s made from. The case, bezel, lugs and case middle of the black ceramic Heuer-01 are each made from luxury replica TAG Heuer watches black ceramic. There are some steel parts used (inner case section, screw-in case back and chronograph pushers), mainly to ensure water resistance.

Putting aside the details of what the watch is made from, let’s focus on the end result – an all black phantom for your wrist. It might be the same size and design as last years Heuer-01, but it feels completely different on the wrist, mostly because it’s so much lighter in ceramic as opposed to the steel of the original Heuer-01. We’d say that the difference between ceramic and steel cases is not as stark as that between say, steel and titanium, but nevertheless it is a completely different wrist-feel. The 45mm Carrera case is a large one, so balancing out that visual heft with a lightweight case material offers the best of both worlds.


The watch is only available on a rubber strap at this stage, but it’s one that suits the style of the watch very well.

No changes on the inside of the watch – it’s still powered by the Heuer-01, the Calibre that lends its name to the collection, and is a development of TAG Heuer’s own Calibre 1887 movement. This movement has been in production for more than five years now and over the next few years expect to see the movement reserved for the Heuer-01 models in the Carrera range. Stealth lovers beware – the sapphire caseback of the Carrera does reveal a rotor with bright red detailing, perhaps the only splash of colour on the otherwise inky-black Heuer-01.

Expect to see the 2016 cheap fake TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 arrive in Australian retailers by October with a local price of $8650.