Replica Luxury TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch In Rose Gold

As was mentioned in the original introduction article for the TAG Heuer Connected, it was all but inevitable for the Swiss brands to get into the gadgety world of smartwatches. Admittedly, the cheap replica TAG Heuer Connected did do a good job of looking like the mechanical watches that came before it, and the titanium gave it some feel of luxury, at least more so than steel. What do you do when you want to up that luxury look? Why, you go for gold, of course. In this case, 18k rose gold.



Yes, that’s right – if the most expensive Android Wear watch to date (at $1,500 for the titanium version) was not luxe enough for your Instagram feed, you will soon be able to get the exact fake TAG Heuer Connected in rose gold. Now, in the right context, I am all for rose gold, much more than I would be for the good old yellow gold. In terms of a smartwatch, though? It’s a new concept and one that is certainly a matter of taste. Just not sure if that taste matches mine…



Then again, that is because I find myself at an odd place. As a gadget and watch guy, I like the idea behind smartwatches, even if I do not have a solid use case for them in day-to-day wear. As something that would be a secondary device (worn for specific parts of the day), or even a second device worn on the off-wrist, I can see them having a home, especially when they are only a few hundred bucks. When you get into the world of four figure watches? For me, it becomes a harder sell.


Then again, I am very much not the target audience for the nearly $10,000 replica TAG Heuer Connected Rose Gold watches. No, this is a different breed of watch buyer, one that I am guessing is picking up this particular Android Wear implementation for the name on the dial and the build quality that it carries along. Interestingly, the information around this watch states that it carries the same two-year trade-in guarantee that the titanium version does. If you recall, that allows the buyer to put another $1,500 down at the end of two years to trade the TAG Heuer Connected model in for a mechanical version. No word as to whether or not rose gold buyers will be paying the same or more, or what material their mechanical watch will feature. I like the idea of the trade-in, and it’s interesting to see a brand hedge their bets with the new technology like this.


I have to admit, I am sort of morbidly curious to see how this rose gold fake TAG Heuer Connected moves. The titanium version seemed at a bit of a high price point, but apparently it must be doing well enough for this higher-end version to come out at a price of $9,900. Then again, Mr. Biver certainly has a better read on the industry than I likely ever will, so perhaps he is on to something here that I am just not seeing. If that is the case, dear reader, please do let me know in the comments below!

Luxury Replica TAG Heuer Introduces Connected Smartwatch in 18k Rose Gold

The watchmaker goes where Apple tried and failed, with a smartwatch in solid gold priced at just under US$10,000.


Introduced late last year, the TAG Heuer Connected is the most successful, and arguably the only, smartwatch from a traditional watchmaker.

Originally available with a titanium and plastic case, the replica TAG Heuer Connected now goes upmarket with a 18k rose gold (and plastic) case.

All else about the watch remains the same, including the Android operating system, Intel processor and 4GB of built-in memory. Like the titanium version, the rose gold smartwatch can also be traded in, plus a payment of US$1500, at the end of its two-year warranty for an automatic TAG Heuer Carrera wristwatch in titanium.

With the cheap fake TAG Heuer Connected in rose gold, the watchmaker is attempting what Apple did with its Apple Watch Edition, the 18k gold version of the first Apple smartwatch. Starting at US$10,000, the gold Apple Watch had a brief life, having been discontinued with the introduction of the second generation model in September 2016.


TAG Heuer’s 18k gold smartwatch would imply that the watchmaker only needs a sell a relatively small number of them to make it financially viable, and also that exact replica TAG Heuer watches has much stronger brand equity for luxury goods the Apple does.

Price and availability

The TAG Heuer Connected in rose gold is priced at US$9900 or €9300, and will be available at stores starting the last quarter of 2016.