Cheap Luxury Replica TAG Heuer Connected Smart Watch Teaser

TAG Heuer announced at this years Baselworld that they would be making a smartwatch, with technological partners Google & Intel. No details were given by TAG Heuer CEO Jean Claude Biver at the time. A teaser photo has been released of the upcoming smart watch revealing its name and launch date.Luxury fake TAG Heuer watches.

A teaser shot of the upcoming exact replica TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch

The new smartwatch will be called the best fake TAG Heuer Connected watches online. From what we can deduce from the teaser photo, the smartwatch retains its classical watch looks with a traditional looking crown and case lugs. The bezel is marked with the minutes in 5 minute intervals and the name cheap replica TAG HEUER CONNECTED watches. There is a hint of blue highlighted on for the strap. We are guessing the strap will be rubber and will be a shade of blue. This would certainly make the smart watch stand out!.

The smartwatch will be unveiled on November 9th in New York.

We will be bringing you full details of the smart watch when it is released.

After a little post processing of the original teaser

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